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Welcome back to 2020!


We're very excited to be offering you free, online tutoring in 2020, just like last year! With new tutors on board and constant improvements to the portal being made, we think this year could be our best yet.

Please give our service a go by sending through a question about any of your subjects!

We're looking forward to developing a new service to run in conjunction with our question-and-answer service, so keep your eyes peeled for an update in the second half of this year.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know at info@resntutoring.com.au!

VCE Advice: Part 3


We have some final advice for everyone still going with exams! Our tutor Jun C has some motivating words to keep you going!

To remember that regardless of how hard you've worked over the year (or regardless of whether you have any regrets) - no one's year 12 is perfect! Also keep reminding yourself that you will most likely never have to do some of the subjects you're studying ever again, so make the most of it!
The only thing you can really ask for is to try your best in the remaining days leading up to your exams, and not giving up until the VERY LAST MINUTE of the exams as well, so that you can leave the exam hall knowing you have truly given it your all, given the circumstances.

VCE Advice: Part 2


For the second week of exams, we have some more advice for you from another one of our tutors: Jess. She says:

As long as you can walk into the exam knowing you’ve done everything you could, you should feel confident and know that the exam you produce and the score you produce you have earned. But doing everything you can does not translate to eight hour study days, it means maintaining a balance between your mental health, your enjoyment of your subjects and your commitment to your subjects. Sometimes, watching a movie or going out for a meal are necessary to ensure that the person that walks into the exam is the best version of yourself.

VCE Advice: Part 1


So... the English exam is tomorrow!

We asked some of our tutors for any advice for Year 11s and 12s approaching exams, and we got some fantastic insights... 🧡
Here’s Max with his perspective:

Towards the end of year 12 you'll face many daunting tasks and decisions: Exams, university selection, work life, independence and more await you. You might catch yourself thinking that any one of these aspects could dramatically change the course of your life. Maybe that's true. You're going to receive a lot of advice, for sure. Some might say take breaks, some might say get serious and knuckle down. Some might tell you to follow your heart, some might tell you to think with your head. There may be only one thing that can be said for sure:"Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg" - An old Anglo-Saxon adage. "That was overcome, so may this be". Things might not turn out exactly as predicted, you might find yourself situated in way you would have never previously imagined. But this too shall pass, like all things. Good luck.

World Mental Health Day


It’s World Mental Health Day! We understand that this time of year is extremely stressful for students, especially those in Year 12. We hope all our students take the time to have a break, think of the big picture, and be proud of the efforts they have already put in this year.

Please reach out to someone you trust if you need to seek help, or you can find help through this link https://1010.org.au/need-help/ 💘

End of Term 3!


It’s the end of term 3! This means holidays for all our 7-11 students and study time for our year 12 students. Don't worry year 12s! We are here for you!! Send us any questions you have while you study and we will get back to you within 24 hours! (Also don’t forget to take regular breaks!) ❤️

R U OK? Day


Today is R U OK? Day, a reminder that a simple question can make a huge difference to the people around us.

We know that VCE can be a tough time. It’s days like today when we can take a moment to breathe, to look beyond the marks and SACs and exams, and instead take a look at our mates.

As R U OK? Day comes to a close, please take the time to check in with your friends to ask how they’re doing.

After all, we’re all in it together

If you need support, you can find services and tools at www.ruok.org.au/findhelp

1 Year Ago...


One year ago today we answered our first RESN question! Crazy to look back and see how far we have come! To everyone sending us questions, answering questions or supporting us, we thank you! 🧡

VCE Study Scores


Got questions about study scores? Want to know how a study score is calculated?

VCAA have made videos explaining it all! You can find this helpful resource here.

Got any more questions about it? Send it to us, and one of our experienced tutors will get back to you in 24 hours!

End of Term 2!


After a big first half of the year at RESN, we're proud to say that we are continuing to grow at a rapid pace!

We now have over 800 students signed up, and over 900 questions answered!

With our team of 100 experienced tutors covering the 20 most popular VCE subjects, we've been working hard to make our little bit of difference to the education of regional and rural Victorian students.

We've also been able to have some media exposure - check out some of our articles available in the links below, as well as our radio interview with 2AY.

We're always on the lookout for new contacts, sponsors, pieces of advice... anything! Please contact us at info@resntutoring.com.au if you have anything you'd like to pass onto our team!