VCE Advice: Part 1


So... the English exam is tomorrow!

We asked some of our tutors for any advice for Year 11s and 12s approaching exams, and we got some fantastic insights... 🧡
Here’s Max with his perspective:

Towards the end of year 12 you'll face many daunting tasks and decisions: Exams, university selection, work life, independence and more await you. You might catch yourself thinking that any one of these aspects could dramatically change the course of your life. Maybe that's true. You're going to receive a lot of advice, for sure. Some might say take breaks, some might say get serious and knuckle down. Some might tell you to follow your heart, some might tell you to think with your head. There may be only one thing that can be said for sure:"Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg" - An old Anglo-Saxon adage. "That was overcome, so may this be". Things might not turn out exactly as predicted, you might find yourself situated in way you would have never previously imagined. But this too shall pass, like all things. Good luck.