Our Web Development Team

The RESN Web Development Team are responsible for making our service a reality - they develop the system which allows tutors to communicate with students online. To learn more about our team, click on a photo!

Head of Technology: Lachlan Collins
Lachlan finished VCE in 2016 as his school's Academic Captain and Swimming Captain. His passion for medicine and coinciding interest in research motivated him to study first Biomedicine and now Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Lachlan is the head software engineer for RESN, and he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge of maths and science.
UX/UI: Hayley Doran
Hayley completed her VCE in 2016 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) at RMIT University. She is specialising in web and app development. Hayley is the secretary, web designer and a tutor for RESN.
UI: Fiona Sanderson
Fiona completed VCE in 2016 and has now graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) from RMIT University. She is specialising in UIUX design.