Our Founders

These 7 members were responsible for the formation of RESN. To learn more about our team, click on a photo!

Co-Founder: Tiger Lin
Tiger completed his VCE in 2016 as the School Captain and Co-Dux of his high school. His interest in politics has motivated his move to Canberra to study a double degree in Law/Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at the Australian National University. He has experience in the tutoring industry both as a tutor and in management, currently holding a tutor management position at Crimson Education, a global tutoring and consulting firm.
Co-Founder: Jacob Wilkinson
Jacob graduated in 2016 with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. His passion for Chinese language has led him to the Australian National University where he studies a Bachelor of Asian Studies and Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, along with a Chinese language major. Jacob has extensive experience in the tutoring industry as an IB English Literature tutor. Additionally, Jacob has a real interest in community leadership and engaging in local projects, for he is currently a consultant for the cross-cultural research think tank CultureBridge and an Ambassador for the Association for Learning Mandarin in Australia.
Co-Founder: Hamish Webster
Hamish graduated with the VCE in 2016 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Law(Honours)/Commerce at Monash University. Hamish’s work volunteering as a tutor for refugees and his exposure to under privileged children both in inner city Melbourne and the centre of Australia has made him aware of the obstacles and disadvantages some children face to be educated. Hamish’s experiences managing a warehouse, sporting competitions and organising fundraisers and events, but most importantly his desire to improve the lives of those less fortunate, make him suited, he believes, to take leadership of operations at RESN.
Co-Founder: Sof Hay
Sof completed VCE in 2016 as a School Executive Prefect and Debating and Public Speaking Captain. Her curiosity for the legal system and commercial world has compelled her pursuit of Law(Honours)/Commerce at Monash University, making her well-placed to look after the governance and finances of RESN. Having found her leadership experiences extremely rewarding, her mentoring and tutoring endeavors have persisted into university, culminating in a mentoring advisory role to the university itself. Sof also has extensive experience in the industry, tutoring privately and professionally across all her subjects.
Co-Founder: Jun Kim
Jun graduated in 2016 as School Vice-Captain and Co-Dux of his high school. He is currently studying Medicine at Monash University, driven by his curiosity about the human body and his desire to positively contribute to people's lives. He has tutored extensively since he finished secondary school, finding great enjoyment in providing guidance to students from Year 6 to Year 12 across a range of subjects.
Co-Founder: Lachlan Collins
Lachlan finished VCE in 2016 as his school's Academic Captain and Swimming Captain. His passion for medicine and coinciding interest in research motivated him to study first Biomedicine and now Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Lachlan is the head software engineer for RESN, and he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge of maths and science.
Co-Founder: Hayley Doran
Hayley completed her VCE in 2016 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) at RMIT University. She is specialising in web and app development. Hayley is the secretary, web designer and a tutor for RESN.